North Carolina
 State Board of Registration for Foresters


If you wish to file a complaint about a Registered Forester or someone representing themselves as a Registered Forester you will need to send a letter to to the Board's address which fully documents the complaint. The letter must be signed and must be notarized.

U.S. Mail:
NC Board of Registration for Foresters
PO Box 27393
Raleigh, NC 27611
Telephone: 919-847-5441


Policy on Disciplinary Action

History : The Disciplinary Action policy was first adopted on April 4, 2006.

Policy: In an effort to maintain a clear and consistent policy when reviewing complaints, the Board has developed four levels of action that it may take with respect to complaints filed against a Registered Forester:

Pre-Disciplinary Action: Pre-disciplinary actions will not be transmitted to other agencies or boards (i.e., it will not be listed as “disciplinary action” when applying for reciprocity).

  1. Letter of Concern: A letter to an individual identifying inappropriate actions or omissions of the individual. The intent is to encourage the individual to take corrective action. Letters of Concern may also be issued when complaints with merit are informally resolved or voluntarily withdrawn. Persons receiving Letters of Concern will not be listed in newsletter, but the general circumstances of the complaint may be used for educational purposes in newsletter articles.

Disciplinary Action : When a complaint is filed and sufficient question exists, the Board will conduct a disciplinary hearing in accordance with Administrative Rules and applicable General Statutes to determine whether the code of ethics was violated. If a violation is determined, the appropriate action could constitute any of the following:

  1. Probation. Probation is issued for a fixed time period when an inadvertent violation of the code of ethics has occurred.
  2. Suspension of Registration. The registration is suspended for a fixed time period for inadvertent gross negligence, fraud, deceit or flagrant misconduct has occurred.
  3. Revocation of Registration. The registration of an RF is revoked when flagrant and willful gross negligence, fraud, deceit or flagrant misconduct has occurred.

All disciplinary actions by the Board will be published in the newsletter.

All communications with the Board and an RF are part of the RF’s file (permanent record).

Adopted April 4, 2006




 US Mail: NC Board of Registration for Foresters;  PO Box 27393; Raleigh, NC 27611     Telephone: 919-847-5441    E-mail: